CUE Conference

CUE Conference 2011

Fantastic event with over 800 participants according to CUE organizers. Our session on Studio-Based Learning brought in a very active group of educators with a strong interest in methods for improving student engagement and learning. The links below offer copies of the slides for the presentation, plus a copy of the student graphics show. The show file is 38 MB and both slideshows are PowerPoint 2008 or higher. If you would like a lower version of either show, please contact Dr. Donohue. For further information on the session, please contact any one of the speakers:

Dr. Patricia Donohue – 925.451.7820 | |

Dr. Peggy Benton – 415-338-1509 |

Mr. Ariel Paisley –

Mr. Calvin Ross –

CUE slide show

CUE11 graphics show

You can add your thoughts about SBL to the on-going discussion at:

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